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Yiwu small commodity export into the "sunshine avenue"

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Date 2014-11-18
This month, the yiwu market sourcing trade way formal fall to the ground, marking the major progress was made in yiwu pilot reforms. What is the ground will bring yiwu market procurement trade mode tangible benefits? Explore new way to prompt trade for many years On November 1, the first votes to declare small commodity export goods market procurement trade way, in yiwu customs clearance finished smooth shipment. This marks a country to yiwu small commodity tailored market procurement trade way, really into the implementation of a new phase of landing. A series of changes for more than 10 years, yiwu export policy. At first, yiwu small commodity exports in general trade way. This way of trade need to container one by one, provided a wide variety of small commodities in variety, the yiwu small commodity trade with a single character such as small scale, product variety. If, in accordance with the regulation in the form of general trade is easy to appear "too live, unhappiness" or "fast, can't hold" situation. In December 2004, yiwu small commodity began to tourist shopping goods export trade way. A means of trade does not need to put in the container which provided a wide variety of commodity varieties, at the same time possesses the advantages of "tax, foreign exchange settlement". This way make yiwu commodity on the pitch can be more convenient to the international market, effectively promoted the development of yiwu foreign trade, but also appeared a series of abuses soon. Main problems are: the deficit of host law support, has certain policy risk; Single ticket $50000 customs declaration amount limitation, hindered the export of high value-added commodities; A large number of small commodity normal rebates, settlement of exchange, will not affect the international competitiveness of yiwu small commodity; Trade subject changeable, easy to appear the phenomenon such as illegal. In 2011, yiwu international trade comprehensive reform pilot. Exploring suited to the characteristics of the yiwu small commodity market procurement trade way, is an important content of yiwu pilot reforms. This month, after more than three years of active exploration, 1 trade market purchasing way finally officially fall to the ground. The New Deal what are the benefits fall to the ground Market procurement trade way formally after landing, exactly what tangible benefits to yiwu? Market door ji-ying zhang said, yiwu international trade city area of yiwu market most of the enterprises is not directly involved in the export customs declaration, so in the face of it, market procurement trade way formally landing does not seem to directly related with market enterprises. But in the long run, the implementation of market purchasing trade way, can let the yiwu small commodity termination to towards the international market, it's good for every a market enterprises. The market procurement trade way much more than the benefits of these officially. At present, yiwu has formed the customs, inspection and quarantine, commerce, taxation, foreign exchange management department to participate in the new type of small commodities export supervision system. Yiwu customs supervision customs superintendent said, declaration of export commodity in the market purchasing trade way, you can enjoy the customs electronic customs clearance, simplify the customs declaration, intelligent bayonet facilitation measures. For example, customs declaration on fastest time only 1 minute, more than 60% of the export goods achieve rapid release; Without being limited by the customs 8 hours working time, the enterprise can declare for 24 hours, with electronic to report the customs transit given 24 hours, 24 hours. In addition, according to the characteristics of yiwu small commodity varieties of customs and tailored to the policy, the simplified notification to dozens or even hundreds of items within a container, in a customs declaration form merge, the simplified notification within the declaration of the enterprise cost is saved, and improve the level of the small commodities export declare. In entry-exit inspection and quarantine, through the establishment of "concentrate the reach declaration, storage, networking, and effective supervision" of the new type of inspection and quarantine supervision mode, more than 80% of exports from 1 ~ 2 days to do a single cycle, within an hour per container can reduce total demurrage, storage, transportation, labor amounted to 569 yuan. In the foreign exchange management, through the implementation and market procurement mode of trade matching individual trade foreign exchange management reform, to further simplify the transaction process. At present, the reform of more than 3800 people enjoy the convenience, accumulated more than 30000 pen handle foreign exchange business, the amount more than $1.6 billion. On taxes, the general trade way is "collection" "first, in taxation and tax refund two link will cost a lot of manpower and time cost; And market procurement trade way is "not sign not retreat", as long as the show that the shipment is indeed export, can enjoy VAT exemption policy. The next breakthrough in where "In addition to these tangible benefits, market purchasing formally landing the most important trade way, is the base of yiwu market innovation to rise for the country's top design, represented by yiwu market from the national level through the market to carry out international trade trading mode confirm, the trade market procurement trade mode gain legitimacy, to solve the shortage of host law basis in the market purchasing trade policy. It is worth mentioning that the new way of trade has been clear about the export commodities shall be exempted from VAT in the market purchasing trade way, eliminate the trouble back at home of market main body, the New Deal for small enterprises bigger and stronger, is advantageous to the yiwu market has continued to boom. At the same time, as for national strategic reform pilot city, yiwu exploration in the field of foreign trade system and mechanism innovation, will inevitably become the reform pilot studies, so as to further consolidate the leading position of yiwu market." Yiwu city business bureau party committee member of longevity rise first said. In zhejiang normal university, professor, school of management, deputy director of the institute of zhejiang regional economic rong-qing cao, it seems, in addition to the yiwu small commodity exports will be more convenient, yiwu market sourcing trade way formally landing still has an important meaning, is to "close door, open the door", from the national level for the yiwu small commodity export has opened up a "sunshine avenue", and to eat a "too-big-to-fail" yiwu market. In the future, yiwu foreign trade enterprises in the customs declaration, can according to the market to purchase boldly declare trade way, eliminate the trouble back at home in yiwu foreign trade enterprise for many years. Market procurement trade way formally after landing, yiwu small commodity industry in the development of the next breakthrough in where? Rong-qing cao cautioned that look from the international situation, in addition to convenient customs clearance, to purchase affordable, cost-effective products are foreign purchasers unremitting pursuit. In recent years, with China's rising cost of labor, raw materials product price advantage to show some southeast Asian countries, the yiwu market as the representative of China commodity has formed certain influence. Looking from the domestic situation, the market competition is increasingly fierce. In which "south yiwu, north linyi" in linyi in shandong province as an example, in yiwu for tourist shopping goods trade way five years later, the linyi also began to implement way of tourist shopping goods trade. At that time, the general administration of customs in reply to linyi mentioned: "before the market procurement trade way to determine, in linyi mall in local customs declaration of export commodity, principles agreed to in the yiwu small commodity import and export procedures (try out)" regulation, by way of tourist shopping goods declaration." In accordance with the general administration of customs of the approval, market procurement trade way in linyi and other similar domestic market, may be only a matter of time. In fact, for the domestic other similar market exploration can draw lessons from the successful experience of the, copy, it is an important task of yiwu pilot reforms. Formally landing ", therefore, market procurement trade way, doesn't mean that yiwu small commodity can rest easy, once and for all from now on. To really improve the competitiveness of yiwu small commodity market both at home and abroad, also must constantly optimize the environment of yiwu small commodity exports at the same time, look for ways to improve product added value and the comprehensive competitiveness of yiwu small commodity, to speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading of small commodities, promote sustainable, healthy yiwu market prosperity. The face behind many of the troops, yiwu small commodity need to continue to look for a new breakthrough, ensure always walk in the forefront of the whole nation and even the world small commodity industry. " Rong-qing cao said.